Ashley Williams

Ashley M. Williams is a native Albanian. She is the youngest daughter of Eric and Veronis Williams. She attends Monroe Comprehensive High School as a Junior where she is an honor student; Commodores College and Career Academy; and Albany Technical College where she is dually enrolled in the Business Management Associates Degree Program. After graduation Ashley plans to pursue her a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. Ashley is currently preparing her portfolio for ownership of Southern Spirit Xtreme All-Star Cheer Academy. As her secondary employment goal she dreams of a self-created All-Star Cheer Gym. Through her twelve years of cheerleading, eleven competitive, she has seen firsthand how this sport has facilitated growth in herself and the ones around her and she wants to ensure girls for generations to come home have the same opportunities as she did growing up. 


Ashley’s motto in life is “If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.” Fitness is key in mental and physical health. A person who is fit is capable of living life to the fullest. Her platform of “FULL FITNESS” is fitness of the mind as well as the body. People should develop habits that will exercise our physical body as well as our mental abilities to improve our lives at home and school. Ashley proudly stands on her platform as United States of America's Teen Georgia. 

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