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Tomeka Lashay Green Hardaway


Tomeka Lashay Hardaway was born in Albany, GA 1981. Tomeka moved to Atlanta, GA after getting married where she presently resides. Tomeka was nominated to be in the GEORGIA'S PERFECT TEEN PAGEANT at age 17 where she received the Honorable Ms. Congeniality/Amity award. Tomeka's biggest focus at that time was on becoming a lawyer, as many of the Pageant contestants began coming to Tomeka for advice at the pageant. Tomeka then decided she wanted to counsel and help people.


Tomeka is the Founder of Tomeka Hardaway LLC, which is a Consulting firm. She also owns a Cleaning Service, where she does commercial and residential staging, and provides décor for weddings and parties with Interior Motives & Event Planning, LLC. Tomeka is also a licensed Truck Driver who is known for driving in heels.


She advocates for young people, and is a Clergy and has experience in Teaching, Corrections, Firefighting, Moving, Counseling & Consulting. Tomeka finds time to volunteer in battered women shelters, Special Olympics, homeless shelters, Stamp Out Homelessness, and works with the elderly & organizations such as Dare To Empower.


Tomeka became a foster parent after hearing her mother speak on her experience being in foster care and decided she would give back all the love, attention etc., that would Empower children in foster care to beat the odds like her mom did and go on to accomplish Great things in life. 

Tomeka has experienced some life changing situations including being bullied in school, and struggling with low self esteem as a result of it. She experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2018 that left her going through a lengthy recovery where she had to learn basic skills we take for granted each day. Her determination to relearn those basic skills pushed Tomeka to pursue Greater things in life, and the role of USOA Mrs. Georgia is her first step into greatness. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Project Management to add to her additional Tomeka Associates Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates. 


Tomeka is utilizing her platform to bring awareness and change in the following areas:

1. MS

2. Paternal Rights Advocacy

3. Combating Veteran Homelessness

4. Resources for children aging out of foster care

5. Anxiety

6. Advocating for more opportunities for felons

7. Diabetes Awareness

Tomeka has an out going personality, and an infectious smile. If you wanna see her in action watch the episode of the game show "THE WALL" season 2 where Tomeka and her husband were contestants. Tomeka's role model is her mother. She Encourages Tomeka to beat the odds. If Tomeka tells her mom she wants to walk to the moon, Tomeka's mom will start to help figure out how to get it done, support Tomeka and help to do it if at all possible. Tomeka's meeting and marriage to her husband is nothing slight of a fairytale & storybook marriage. Tomeka has a son that is clearly Changing the World & two grandsons who are upcoming world changers with amazing personalities. 

Tomeka's favorite color is any shade of Blue. She enjoys decorating residential & commercial properties and staging spaces for celebrities. Tomeka's favorite movie is "GREAT DEBATERS". To win in pageantry opens the door for Tomeka to show young people and older people that they can beat the odds. Tomeka will be able to go into places raise awareness for children going through different issues and to help save their lives. Tomeka will be able to show the young people that Suicide is not the way. They will see her & hear her story and it will invoke positive change in their lives forever.

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