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Arin Anderson


Arin, is a sixteen years old junior in high school, currently attending Georgia Connection Academy. She is an honor roll student and a STEAM student as well. She enjoys virtual learning and attending class with her peers online. Her favorite thing about attending virtual public school, is that her classmates are located across the state of Georgia, which makes her learning environment interesting. As a dance student, Arin loves using dance to express herself and virtual learning allows her more flexibility to dedicate to her dance career and pursue her passion as dancer. She's currently on a competitive dance team and travels every month to compete throughout the season. She's in the dance studio 6 days a week training and assists with other dance classes and solo practice.

When she is not dancing, Arin promotes her platform to support youth and teens whose parents are either on their Breast Cancer journey or are a Beast Cancer survivor. Using Peer to Peer support groups, Arin helps coordinate zoom calls where teens can have a safe space to talk about their journeys with their parents. This initiative came about when Arin had to become the primary caregiver for her mother when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2021. Some many people rally support around her mother, but while she and her mom essentially switch roles in the household Arin  felt that she had faded into the background. Although she was very grateful for the outpouring support her mom received, she found herself feeling alone. No one really checked on her mental well-being, and she decided that she would help and build a support system for other youth and teens going through the same thing.

To do that, she started the P.O.P. Life Collection. P.O.P. stands for Passion Over Perfection. Initially, P.O.P. Life Collection was started to help her pay for all her dance expenses. However, she has shifted the focus to include charitable giving. Their motto is Shop with A Purpose and for every t-shirt sale, a portion of the proceeds goes toward her youth and teen support groups. 

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