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Maria Fernanda Jimenez

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Maria Jimenez is a proud first generation college student at the University of Kennesaw, where she is pursuing a PR major. Her 2nd passion has led her to  attend a technical school to obtain her cosmetology license. In hopes of spreading her passion to others she has taught several free hair and makeup classes to younger girls. 

       Her platform is called Mirror Mirror on the Wall, which strives to show others the true power of self love. Her platform serves as a voice for all the young girls struggling and or recovering from an eating disorder. Maria strongly believe that our future is in the power of younger generations, which is why she has been volunteering for 3 years with a kids summer camp called Camp Bombardier. She has also helped alongside with Helping Hands Across Atlanta by collecting food and hygiene products for homeless shelters. In addition she is currently raising money for the Run for the Roses foundation that helps kids suffering from juvenile arthritis. 

        Community involvement is one of Maria’s main values, which is why she has helped with preparations for her cities largest fall festival. She has been an entertainment speaker at several 4th of July events. She has been part of HOPE club for 4years. HOPE aims in promoting education and community engagement within minority groups in schools. She has also been a volunteer speaker for non English speaking parents at her schools meetings and assemblies. This is why Maria plans on using her title to represent minorities.

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